Planning HYC Summer Cruise

What would make you excited to join a cruise? Please give Linda and Bob Harroff 2 minutesĀ for this short survey. Thanks for your help.

* 1. Does a Summer Cruise support the club's mission?

* 2. How many nights would work for you?

* 3. When would you like to go?

* 4. Furthest harbor that you would like to sail to?

* 5. Is one evening at a restaurant important to you?

* 6. For the traditional cruise we have ensured that members could join us by land. Is this important to you?

* 7. Would you like to join with another yacht club?

* 8. Would you enjoy an impromptu on the water gathering? Not pre-scheduled way in advance, but to be scheduled 2-3 days out based on weather. Meet by boat at a local island/anchorage. Schedule/notify members via club facebook page and bulletin board at the club

* 9. Please share any additional thoughts.