* 2. Please assess the session along the following criteria.

  1 (lowest) 2 3 4 5 6 7 (highest)
Provided theory, principles, and frameworks of analysis for dealing with major problems in his/her subject area.
Provided cases, problems, examples and/or other materials to help apply theory and principles to “real world.”
Presented materials in an organized, clear, and effective manner.
Involved students’ abilities and experiences in class discussion.
Conducted lectures that were intellectually challenging.
Maintained a good rapport with the participants.
Degree to which you believe you have acquired skills, knowledge and abilities in this subject area as a result of this session.
Degree to which you believe you will apply these skills, knowledge and abilities for the benefit of your organization and the persons it serves.
Overall effectiveness of the session.
Overall effectiveness of the instructor.

* 3. Comment on the particular strengths that enhanced the lecture.

* 4. Comment on any aspects of instruction that might be improved by the instructor

* 5. Any additional comments or suggestions?