Voice of the Congregation Survey

Please assist us in assessing the effectiveness of our ministry at Christ Lutheran Church by completing the following survey. 

Thank you for your time!  God's peace.

* 1. Overall, I am satisfied as a member of Christ Lutheran Church ("CLC").

* 2. CLC cares about its members.

* 3. I receive the information I need regarding church programs and decisions.

* 4. I have a good understanding of the mission and vision of CLC.

* 5. CLC helps me meet my spiritual needs.

* 6. I understand the process of becoming a church volunteer.

* 7. I feel like I am part of a team helping to fulfill the mission of CLC.

* 8. CLC is welcoming to visitors and new church members.

* 9. I believe our mission and vision guide our church decisions.

* 10. I am provided opportunities for spiritual growth.

* 11. I believe CLC cares about the spiritual growth of my family.

* 12. I would recommend joining CLC to others.

* 13. For any questions rated "strongly disagree" or "disagree", please provide additional insight or feedback regarding your response.

* 14. Please tell us one thing CLC could do better to achieve its mission.

* 15. Were Pastor Tim’s sermons on The Story easy to understand or confusing? Please describe your overall take away from the sermons.

* 16. In what way has your walk through The Story helped, expanded, or hindered your understanding of the scriptures?

* 17. Have you regularly attended the Lenten services? If not, what would increase your attendance?

* 18. Have you like or disliked the format of the Lenten Service this year (Trial of Judas)?

* 19. Name (optional):