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* 1. It is important to note that the information requested on the Calvert Hall College Veteran's Questionnaire is Personally Identifiable Information (PII).  The PII you provide in the Questionnaire will be available to the public via the Internet.  It is not necessary to complete all the information requested in the Questionnaire.  Simply leave blank any boxes that you don't want published.  Only provide the information you are willing to share publicly. 

The information you enter on this Questionnaire does not directly update the Calvert Hall College (CHC) veteran’s database.  Your information will be reviewed to ensure the content meets standards reflective of  CHC.  Spelling and grammar will be checked for correctness and propriety.    Your information will then be entered by an authorized (CHC) representative into a data base controlled by Calvert Hall College.  Once your information is entered into the CHC data base, it will be available over the Internet.  Persons wishing to access your information will be able to do so through a VETERANS link on the CHC Web page.  Several search parameters are anticipated to be available including but not limited to: Veteran Name, Class Year, Service Dates, Service Branch and major conflicts.

If you wish to amend any information after it is published to the CHC database, send your amendments to CHC, Office of Advancement, Doug Heidrick, Associate, 410-825-4266.

While CHC wants your information to be used by CHC students, staff, alumni and family and friends of CHC, CHC cannot provide assurances that other individuals and organizations will not access your information.

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