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* 1. Which parts of the digital project for Exeter, 'This City's Centre' did you engage?

* 2. How did you become aware of the project?

* 3. What are your overall impressions of the work? What elements did you find exciting? What has stayed with you?

* 4. What aspects of the work didn't work so well for you? What would you have liked to have seen done differently?

* 5. Has 'This City's Centre' contributed to a change in the way that you see your community?

* 6. Do you have any comment to make about the potential legacy of the project for Exeter?

* 7. Would you like to give any other feedback?

* 8. Are you:

* 9. Are you:

* 10. Over the past 12 months, roughly how many times have you been to an art gallery or been to a theatre performance?