Over the years, residents and medical students have expressed interest in supporting MDCalc’s mission to provide evidence-based decision support to doctors at the point of care. In response, we at MDCalc have designed a program to give these young physicians and student doctors an opportunity to get involved in EBM.

Recently, based on smart recommendations from residency directors, we incorporated aspects into this program such that it will potentially meet the academic requirement for residency training. We then discussed with 7 program directors, who all agree it meets these requirements.

We would love your input in developing this program!

The program will last for 1-3 years, engaging a resident physician longitudinally, with increasingly sophisticated projects and tasks over time. The application process is competitive, and applying does not guarantee admission. If a participant does not keep up with the projects, they may be asked to not continue the program.

The program will focus on evidence-based medicine, specifically within clinical decision and prediction tools, and will culminate in a final project which may include writing the content for a calculator (many of which get published in one of our peer reviewed partner journals), leading a pilot project, contributing to our online publication Paging MDCalc, or another academic project with a tangible output.

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* 7. How many hours of intensive work towards the annual final project should be expected?

* 8. Approximately how many total fellows (across all specialties) should we have annually in order to keep this competitive?

* 9. Which of the following final projects do you feel would meet the minimum level for your residency program’s academic requirement? Choose all that apply.

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