Thanks for your interest in applying for a position of leadership within Cru at Maryland! Every year, God uses students to lead this ministry. We hope that you'll encounter the Lord in a personal way as you complete this application, telling us about your strengths, areas to grow in, relationships -- and your heart. We trust that God will continue to lead you as you seek His face and His will.

Here's a brief sketch of what you need to do to apply:
-Read over the Cru Statement of Faith ( found on the Maryland Cru website. 

-Complete your portion of the application. 

-Provide a reference (name and e-mail address). You'll need to contact your Cru Community Group Leader or discipler to let them know that you are applying and to inform them that they will need to fill out a reference form for you.

Important dates:
Applications Due Sunday, April 8, 2018.
Your application will be reviewed over the next several weeks, and you may be contacted for a follow-up interview.

***Mandatory Leadership Meeting for all of those accepted 5/6/18 - BBQ at the Reserve (Penleys') 4:00pm
***Mandatory Leadership Retreat 8/17/18 - 8/19/18

***If you cannot make the Mandatory Leadership Meeting and the Retreat, do not proceed to fill out this application. Please contact Jeff Simpson for further instructions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Jeff Simpson ( or Julia Winters (

Thank you so much for your desire to help us lead the ministry of Maryland Cru!
Before you apply please read over these descriptions so you are aware of the responsibilities of the roles. This will also help you as you try to decide which role to apply for. It's important to note that there is an attendance requirement for leadership positions, in accordance with the national Cru Charter. You must have been involved for at least one semester and attend at least 75% of weekly Cru meetings and/or community group meetings. For the sake of your personal development and spiritual growth, all leaders are required to regularly attend a Cru community group and a local church. In addition, Community Group and Plant leaders will be required to be in a discipleship relationship by a Cru staff member or leader within Cru.

COMMUNITY PLANT Leader (~6 hours/week, more at the start of the year) - If you apply to be a community plant leader you will most likely be working in one of the freshmen communities or a community that you are already connected with somewhere on campus. This is grassroots. Your main goal here would be to grow a new community of interconnected, outreaching believers and/or unbelievers. You may be tasked with gathering and following up contacts we get from tabling and social events at the beginning of the year, host community and outreach events to plant a movement in the community God entrusts to you. Community Plant leaders will be required to be in a discipleship relationship by a Cru staff member.

COMMUNITY GROUP Leader (~6 hours/week) - If you apply to be a community group leader, you will be responsible for leading a more established group and focus on making evangelistic disciples. The community groups consist of preexisting groups, transfer students and veteran Cru students. Community Groups generally meet weekly and are devoted to the word, prayer, fellowship and breaking of bread, all the while, trusting the Lord to add to the number those being saved (see Acts 2:42-47). Community Group leaders will be required to be in a discipleship relationship.

BRIDGES (~5 hours/week)- These leaders will help to give direction to the Bridges ministry, which is aimed at reaching out to International students at Maryland. This team will function much like a Community Group, but with a focus on International Students.

WORSHIP TEAM (~4 hours/week) - These leaders will help to lead Cru in musical worship on Thursday nights while they individually lead out a lifestyle of worship (encompassing all areas of their life, not just musically). 

( ~1-3 hours/week. Primarily for rising sophomores who want to get their feet wet in Cru leadership! You will serve on one of the teams and have an opportunity to join the field team, where you'll get solid training and learn more about the mission and vision of Cru.)
Currently there are 5 proposed ministry teams that will be lead by the Leadership Team (Servant Team) next year: Cru Team, Inreach Team, Marketing Team, Prayer Team and World Vision Team. Each one of these teams is responsible for helping to run a particular aspect of Cru.

*The Cru Team plans and facilitates Thursday night Cru and recruits/manages others to make it all happen.

*The Inreach Team looks to take care of anyone and everyone who walks into Cru. They serve to help students get connected and find a home within Cru.

*The Marketing Team promotes Cru to the UMD community at large through social media, video promos, advertising campaigns, posters, and even sunglasses! It also promotes conferences to students in Cru and raises funds to assist with costs.

*The Prayer Team will remind Cru of our necessary dependence on Jesus and will help students learn to pray and encourage Cru to devote ourselves to prayer.

*The World Vision Team will help Cru think globally, spe