Please tell us what would make lean blogs or other online information sources the most valuable to you.

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* 1. When you go online for lean information, what are you looking for?

* 2. What lean blogs or other online information sources have you recently read?

* 3. Why do you come to lean blogs or websites for information?

* 4. What is missing in the lean blogs and websites you see today?

* 5. What do you hope to accomplish in your lean journey?

* 6. What frequency of articles or blog posts is best for you?

* 7. To learn about lean and continuous improvement, please rank the delivery mediums you prefer. The options will re-sort as you number them.

* 8. What is your role in your organization?

* 9. What is your level of experience with lean or continuous improvement?

* 10. What industry do you work in?