Le Grand High School Climate Parent Survey

Please let us know how we are doing by completing the following survey.
In advance, thank you for your time.


Javier Martinez
Le Grand High School Principal

* 1. There is adequate supervision of students throughout the school, facilities are safe and well monitored.

* 2. All cultural groups are treated with dignity and respect, and are encouraged to participate in all school activities and organizations.

* 3. The school communicates with parents about student academic and behavior progress throughout the year.

* 4. I am informed about school events in a timely manner through various methods, such as letters/flyers, school phone calls home, school calendar, and school website.

* 5. Students are recognized by teachers and administrators for accomplishments that occur at school. For example, grades, behavior, and good character traits.

* 6. School staff members set high, but appropriate and achievable goals for students.

* 7. School administrators make themselves available to address concerns in a timely and professional manner.

* 8. Class sizes are appropriate for effective teaching and learning.

* 9. The instructional program at our school is challenging for my child(ren).

* 10. Our school offers sufficient support when students are having academic difficulty.

* 11. Our school has sufficient after school programs and activities for students.

* 12. Our school promotes student’s responsibility and citizenship.

* 13. Parental involvement is encouraged throughout the school year. The school and parents work together to achieve school goals using the school improvement plan.

* 14. The school office personnel is welcoming and the office is an accommodating place.

* 15. My concerns as a parent are addressed/acknowledged with respect in a timely manner.

* 16. The school effectively communicates the goals of its curriculum and instruction program to students and parents.

* 17. If one thing could be changed to improve parent connections to school and better engage parents in school life, what would it be?

* 18. If one thing could be changed to create a closer and more supportive school community, what would it be?