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* 1. How long have you been coming to the Mountain View Senior Center?

* 2. In general, how often, in the past year, have you come to the Mountain View Senior Center?

* 3. In general, on the days you come to the Mountian View Senior Center, how many hours do you spend there?

* 4. When you come to the Mountain View Senior Center what activities do you partake in? (check all that apply)

* 5. What social services are most important to you?

  Important Good to have Not Important Not Applicable
Alzheimer's Screenings
Blood Pressure Check
Eyeglass Repair
Hearing Screenings
Podiatry Screenings
Vial of Life
Vision Screenings
Brown Bag
Nutrition Program (Lunch)
Benefits Check-up
DMV Driving Study Material
Handicap Access
Home Repair
Homeowners/Renters Assistance
Housing Hints
Senior Home Repair
Proven People
Senior Services Directory
Tax Preparation

* 6. Because I go to the Senior Center, I ...

  most of the time sometimes almost never N/A
Do more volunteer work
See friends more often/make new friends
Take better care of my health
Eat meals that are better for me
Have more energy
Feel happier or more satisfied with my life
Have something to look forward to each day
Know where to ask if I need service such as a ride to the doctor or an aid
Feel more able to stay independent
Feel that the senior center has had a positive effect on my life
Learn new things
Have learned about services and benefits
Am more physically active
Would recommend the senior center to a friend or family member
If you have any questions about this survey, please contact the City of Mountain View Senior Center at (650) 903-6330 or come in and visit us at 266 Escuela Ave., Mountain View, Ca 94040