Horizons Wales Student Referral Form

Horizons Wales & Our Mission

Horizons Wales is a non-profit, Pembrokeshire based charity focused and committed towards bridging the gap between students in sixth form education and the top professional & higher education opportunities. We are committed to ensuring you have the crucial insight you need at this time in your education to maximize your potential in reaching the top universities, institutions and employment opportunities; giving you the first step in building a successful future.

We will always do our best to provide you with the vital support you need for accessing the top institutions, and by registering with us, we can assess how it is we might be able to support you. Thank you.
Please know that in using this service, your data is private and not shared with any third party. It will solely be added to the "Student database" and used to contact you to provide you with support. If you choose to no longer be involved with Horizons Wales your data will no longer be held. Thank you.