Mayor's Community Service & Sustainable Green Business Awards Nomination - 2020

Each and every day organizations make valuable contributions to our community. These contributions are not limited to providing employment and creating wealth. Businesses and organizations also make important decisions and take real action regarding their social responsibility. The Community Service Awards are designed to recognize and promote the social responsibility demonstrated by both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. The Sustainable Green Business Award is designed to recognize the green business practices demonstrated by a company. Organizations make a difference in our community.

A review committee as determined by the Mayor will select the award recipients; the Burlington Sustainability Advisory Committee will provide assistance with the Sustainable Green Business Award. Nominees will be considered on the basis of criteria that show how they contribute to Burlington quality of life, making Burlington a better place in which to live and work. Two Community Service awards will be considered: the first to a for-profit business and the second to a not-for-profit organization providing charitable works or services in Burlington. One Sustainable Green Business Award will be considered.

The nominees must be located within the City of Burlington and not have received a Mayor’s Award within the past five years. The deadline for nominations is Friday, December 20, 2019. The Mayor’s Awards will be presented at the Burlington Chamber of Commerce Business Awards Gala on April 2, 2020.

Community Service Awards: Business
- Involvement in community programs, activities or services (e.g. community fundraising, food banks, charities, etc.). 
- Community contributions must have been within the past calendar year. 
- Quality of work environment for employees. 
- Business leadership in a changing economic environment by creativity, innovation and risk taking.
- Developing public sector and community partnerships to enhance community life.

Community Service Awards: Not-For-Profit
- Accountability to stakeholders: internal and external communication through which board members, staff, volunteers, funders, beneficiaries and the public are able to understand and (where appropriate) influence organization activities and how its objectives are met.
- Innovation: imaginative use of original/adapted ideas & techniques.
- Sustainability and Enterprise: demonstrated elements of management to ensure the organization’s financial sustainability, including new methods of controlling costs and self-financing and new ways of raising funds for activities, especially from non-traditional sources. 
- Measuring Achievement through appropriate techniques, including setting and meeting or exceeding targets for delivery of charitable objectives
- Staff and Volunteer Development: commitment to retaining, developing and motivating staff and volunteers.

Sustainable Green Business Award
- Sustainable business practices: Moving forward on changes to products or wrapping that are environmentally friendly, and making environmental choices in the internal procurement policies.
- Sustainable site design: Demonstrating environmental stewardship of the exterior property through vegetation and water conservation, including storm water management.
- Sustainable architecture: Utilizing various parts of the building to incorporate energy, water, heating and cooling efficiencies.
- Community involvement: Encouraging and supporting staff to participate and/or volunteer in sustainable community events, including any events on site.

To nominate a company or organization for a Mayor's Award, simply complete this form. Deadline for nominations is Friday December 20, 2019.

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