* 1. What was the date of your latest visit to The Wandering Moose?


* 2. Which menu item(s) did you order?

* 3. Which home-made side item did you order?

* 4. How would you rate the following during your latest visit with us?

  5 - Great 4 - Good 3 - Okay 2 - Not so good 1 - Poor
Wait time to order
Friendliness of Staff
Overall appearance of truck (cleanliness, organization, professionalism, etc)
Wait time for your food
Appearance of food
Temperature of food
Taste of food
Overall Value

* 5. Are there any items you would like to see on the menu in the future?

* 6. How often do you visit Food Trucks?

* 7. About how may times have you eaten with us?

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* 9. Any additional comments that may help better us going forward?

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