General Information

Washington State Library (WSL) plans to provide up to 3 places for attendees at the Association of Rural and Small Libraries (ARSL) 2022 Conference in Chattanooga TN. We will pre-pay the registration and can reimburse up to $3,000 in allowable travel expenses. 

The conference dates are 9/14/2022-9/17/2022.
More information about the conference is located on the ARSL website:

Who is eligible?
Paid staff that work a minimum of ten hours per week for the library. Applicants must be from a public or tribal library, or library branch serving a population of 10,000 or less in Washington State.

Allowable costs, up to $3,000 per attendee, can include:
Travel: Air, mileage in private vehicles, parking, taxis, shuttles, etc.

Lodging: WSL will reimburse up to four nights in the conference hotel at $169.00 per night plus taxes. Attendee must provide paid receipts.

Indirect costs: Federally negotiated or as defined by IMLS: Please include a copy of your agreement when you claim reimbursement.

Awardees must complete a follow up online report and a short visual report like an infographic, short video or slide presentation. You may be selected to share your experiences in on online format sponsored by WSL.

The deadline for applications is 7/22/2022.

33% of survey complete.