Dear Administrator:
As part of our program evaluation, we conduct an annual survey to gather data about the work performance of our graduates. We are asking that you complete the following questionnaire in relation to Moorpark College graduates as entry-level employees. Information from the survey will only be used for the purpose of program evaluation. Thank you for assisting us in our program evaluation.

* 1. Evaluating Year

* 2. How many of our recent graduates were hired by your institution?

* 3. Please read each statement about our graduates and indicate your level of agreement with each.

  Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree Not Applicable
Have adequate knowledge for entry level practice.
Are competent in the basic patient/client care skills.
Are competent in the higher-level technical skills.
Are accountable for their own actions.
Use communication skills which demonstrate sensitivity to multicultural populations.
Accept responsibility for updating own knowledge and skills.
Collaborate with other professionals in planning and implementing patient/client care.
Communicate effectively with colleagues, patient/clients and other members of the team.
Demonstrate sensitivity to patient/client needs.
Apply biological, physical, and social science principles in providing patient/client care.
Reflect awareness of legal implications in their practice.
Use principles of problem solving in patient/client care.
Utilize critical thinking in making decisions about patient/client care.
Are able to organize and implement patient/client care within agency expectations for time frame.
Utilize department procedures manual in an effective manner.
Recognize own learning needs and take responsibility for them.
Achieve the goal of life long learning through continuing education and membership in professional organizations.
Demonstrate professionalism by exhibiting promptness, dependability, initiative, enthusiasm, and rapport as member of the health care team.

* 4. Do you have direct supervision of our graduates?

* 5. Approximately how many other graduates of this program are employed in your agency?

* 6. Overall, how satisfied are you with our Moorpark College graduates?

* 7. Please explain your satisfaction rating in previous question.

* 8. Please give us your comments and suggestions about our program or graduates.