In 2009 we ran an electronic survey of the NZ forest sector on its perspectives and operational forest management responses to climate change.

The intent of this 10-15 min survey is to understand how perspectives have changed since 2009, but also to get a picture of current perspectives, issues and more importantly any actions being taken by forestry business in response to climate change.

We are seeking viewpoints from those who work within the forest sector, about whether Climate change is of concern to you currently, and how prepared you feel the sector is for any future impacts.

This survey will inform a free workshop for the planted forest industry, planned for the end of July, that is being organised by the Growing Confidence in Forestry’s Future research programme.

The results from the survey and the workshop will be worked up into a paper and discussion document to inform future forestry and climate actions.

Your responses will be kept confidential, we are interested in aggregate responses, and these will be used to assist us in focusing  future research programmes in environmental forestry.