* 1. I am in grade 

* 2. I belong to

* 3. This year in JQuest B'Yachad on Sundays and Tuesdays I have

  Strongly agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree
learned important Jewish information
learned the meaning of prayers
learned about Jewish holidays
learned how to understand prayer
learned to read Hebrew
learned Hebrew words and their meaning
become familiar with Jewish songs and prayers

* 4. I have made a new friend this year

* 5. I still feel connected to my classmates from the past

* 6. I feel connected to a JQuest B'Yachad staff member

* 7. When I am at JQuest B'yachad on Sunday or Tuesday I feel

* 8. What do you like about JQuest B'Yachad?

* 9. What ideas do you have to learn more or make more friends at
 JQuest B'Yachad?

* 10. What else would you like to tell us?

* 11. If you had a friend that was coming to JQuest B'Yachad what would you tell them to get them excited about coming?