Thank you for your interest in presenting at the Alaska Maternal and Child Health and Immunization Conference.

Abstracts are reviewed by the conference planning committee. The collection of abstracts has been extended through April 27, 2018.

Please note that not all abstracts may be selected for presentations.

Please complete each item thoroughly to ensure that continuing education credit can be obtained.

* 1. Primary Presenter Information:
PLEASE NOTE: As the primary presenter – you will be the point of contact for correspondence with the conference coordinator regarding logistics and coordination of this presentation.

* 2. If you are a student, please indicate the school you are attending and the degree you are seeking.

* 3. Other Presenters:

* 4. Other Presenters:

* 5. Other Presenters:

* 6. Session Title

* 7. Session Description:
Please limit your description to no more than 750 words. Please include information about what the presentation will cover, who should attend, and how it relates to the conference theme, “Advancing Wellness Across the Lifespan”.

* 8. Session Track
Tracks have two important functions: 1) to guide the selection and scheduling of sessions so a range of topics is presented during each session period and 2) to assist conference attendees with selecting which sessions to attend. Please keep these functions in mind as you choose the track(s) that best fit with the content of your proposed session. Please indicate one primary track and one secondary track (optional) that best describes your session’s focus.

  Primary Secondary (optional)
Infant's and children's health
Adolescent health
Women's health
Family Health or Health Across the Life Span

* 9. Format/Length:
Please indicate your preferred presentation format and length. Session length to include time for audience question and answers. We will do our best to match your preference with the assigned format/time but this will be subject to scheduling considerations.

* 10. What engagement strategy or strategies do you plan on using during your session?
(Examples: case studies, ice breaker activities, role playing, quizzes, round table discussion, group brainstorming, videos, Ignite style session, TedTalk style presentation, Prezi, Poll Everywhere, etc.)

* 11. Would you be interested in participating in an Ignite session?  Speakers use 20 slides to talk on a subject in which the slides automatically advance every 15 seconds. The result is a fast and fun presentation which last just 5 minutes.

* 12. Learning objectives:
Please specify which of the following conference goals relates best to your session (select all that apply):

* 13. Presenter Bios:
Please provide a short bio for all presenters, limited to 150 words each.

* 14. Terms and Conditions

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