Regional Organizer Position Description:

ROs are member leaders dedicated to working in MCEA’s distributive Leadership Network. ROs will be trained, and provided with ongoing support, to work with both MCEA Head Representatives at work sites and an assigned MCEA Board of Directors member to help carry out the goals of the association.

ROs commit to:
• Attend regular meetings outside of school hours with Board members and head reps,

• Distribute MCEA information, campaign plans, training opportunities, etc.,

• Support effective work site Building Action Teams (BATs) through regional trainings, work site coaching, etc.,

• Identify and support issue organizing within work sites and the region,

• Assist Head MCEA Representatives and BATs with low-level contract questions, and

• Promote MCEA’s platform through a commitment to MCEA and its members.


-ROs commit to communicating and meeting regularly with their assigned head reps as well as their assigned Board of Director member.
Desired Qualifications

-Self-starter/self-motivated to identify and complete necessary tasks to meet the position description and interests of MCEA,
-Be a problem solver through conflict resolution,
-Manage time well, prioritize tasks and maintain organization and documentation,
-Use adult learning theories to effectively coach and train MCEA representatives within their assigned region, collaboratively with other ROs in the region,
-Use/maintain digital communication through the Google framework for shared documentation and online organizing,
-Communicate effectively in a variety of groupings (one-on-one, small groups, large groups), including comfort to do so with people you may not know, and
-Communicate effectively in a variety of formats (email, interpersonal, etc.).

Question Title

* 1. I have read the RO position description and understand the desired qualifications.