Purpose: The Excellence in Customer Focus award recognizes a state staff member who demonstrates concern for meeting customer (students and organizations) and stakeholder needs in a manner that provides satisfaction for the customer.

Nominations will be accepted from customers served by the CareerTech system and stakeholders who are not ODCTE personnel.

Your responses are limited to approximately 250 words.

* 1. Nominee Information

* 2. How does the nominee consider the impact on customers when taking action, setting policies or carrying out job tasks?

* 3. How does the nominee involve customers in the decision-making or problem-solving process?

* 4. How does the nominee work to remove barriers that get in the way of giving customers top-notch service?

* 5. How does the nominee refer customers to the appropriate department or employee to solve specific problems then follow up to ensure the customer was taken care of?

* 6. Nominator Information (required)