We invite members of the community to take this Asphalt Art Theme survey! The survey results will help guide the ongoing development of art that will be painted at curb extensions, crosswalks, and other pedestrian spaces along Washington and Culver Boulevards as part of the Move Culver City effort. These murals will help reduce crossing distances and provide more visibility for pedestrians and will be placed at locations based on the ongoing Move Culver City corridor plan and public feedback. The permitted plans can be found here

These themes have been developed based on several rounds of outreach with the community about general style and content, and reflect the feedback collected to date. 
The goal of this survey and this final round of design feedback is to settle on one theme that will be adapted to sites along the corridor and implemented the last week of July.

It is important to note that there are many curb extension and crosswalk locations along the corridor. The final designs will vary from site to site. What you see below is a typical application of each theme. Once a theme is selected the design team will be applying the overall concept that is chosen to many locations. For example, if you choose the 'Icons of Culver City' theme, we will develop a variety of additional designs showing different icons from the CIty's built or cinematic history. Similarly, the Scenes from Ballona Creek will be developed into many different designs that can be placed along the corridor. The exact locations of murals, number of murals, and color palette will be determined by the project team after considering various factors in the weeks ahead. 

To find out more about asphalt art and see examples from around the country check out this website.

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* 1. Name

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* 2. Which of the following mural themes do you prefer?

Here are brief descriptions of each. You can make your selection below.
  • Scenes of Ballona Creek: Drawing from the rich ecology of the Ballona Creek wetlands ecosystem, this theme takes species native to Ballona Creek like the Yerba Mansa, Great Blue Heron, or the Wild Coyote, and depicts them in a pattern and color palette inspired by a William Morris-style floral pattern. Additional patterns in this style can be developed with additional species. 

  • Icons of Culver City: Culver City has a rich history, encompassing both the heart of American cinema and other important historic figures. The Icons of Culver City theme seeks to call attention to some of the biggest moments in the City's cultural history. This might take the form of Howard Hughes' iconic Spruce Goose, or any of the many historic films produced in Culver City, from King Kong and The Wizard of Oz, to more recent films like The Matrix or ET. Colors will be chosen to match the icon depicted. 

  • Deco Bands: Drawing from the architectural patterns and friezes on art deco structures around the city, the Deco Bands pattern can be extruded in a variety of ways and colors. These initial drawings are directly inspired by the bas relief sculptures and friezes on the Helms Building. 

Feel free to select more than one!

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* 3. Do you have anything you would like to add about the proposed asphalt art design themes? Comments can be related to colors, iconography, locations, etc. We're open to your feedback! 

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* 4. If you want to volunteer to paint the murals from July 26 - July 31, please include your email below so that we can contact you to coordinate.

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* 5. Based on the themes presented, would you like to see a different themes in the Arts District and Downtown, or one theme throughout the corridor?