Clark County is working to protect opportunities for agriculture within the county. To promote this goal, the county is working on a farm preservation program with the Washington State Conservation Commission. The Board of County Commissioners convened the Agricultural Preservation Advisory Committee (APAC) to identify actions that could help.

Since March of 2008, the committee has been looking at Clark County agriculture and related topics such as food cooperatives, farmers’ markets and farm resource agencies.

The committee has outlined key challenges to agriculture in Clark County, and has drafted strategies to address them. The "Farmland Preservation Strategy Report" lists barriers to agriculture. It also recommends strategies to address these barriers and improve support for agriculture in Clark County. For a full copy of the Report, click here


APAC is inviting Clark County community members to review key components of the draft Farmland Preservation Strategy Report and provide input. Responses will be collected until November 12, 2008. After that, APAC will make recommendations to the Board of Clark County Commissioners.

This survey is an opportunity for you to provide feedback on how to improve support for agriculture in Clark County.
The survey takes as few as five minutes to complete, but you are welcome to provide more detailed comments throughout the survey.
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