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Join the MCCC “I Am An Employer” campaign to showcase the positive impact jobs creators have in our community.  

How to participate:

·         If you supervise and manage employees, we want to hear your story! Featured Employers can include anyone from C-Level to Line Managers and Supervisors.

·         As appropriate, we encourage you to consult with your Human Resources and Marketing Departments in responding to these key questions.

·         Share your ideas about what you as an employer need from policy makers so we can best partner with them to effect positive change.

·         Submit your profile via the online form. MCCC will confirm the information with the point of contact listed. 

·         Once approved by you and/or point of contact, your profile will be posted to an MCCC blog and social media to showcase the diversity of employers in Montgomery County.

Complete the brief online survey to showcase how you and your organization invest in your most valuable asset – your talent – and how employers can best be supported by public policy makers to accelerate success and growth that benefits the community.


Please answer the following questions to showcase your role as an employer in our community.

* 1. Describe how you and/or your organization invest in your employees. (e.g., benefits, professional development, workplace culture, etc.)

* 2. What local and state regulations, policies, and/or approaches to the local economy are most helpful to you and your organization to attract and retain talent? Why is this important to you and the success of your organization?

* 3. Name of Featured Employer (an individual, where possible)

* 4. Position

* 5. Company or Organization

* 6. Website:

* 7. Montgomery County Location(s) of Organization:

* 8. Other locations of organization (select all that apply)

* 9. Type of Ownership (select all that apply)

* 10. Number of Employees in Montgomery County:

* 11. MCCC member:

* 12. Name of person to contact about this survey

* 13. Title

* 14. Email

* 15. Phone

* 16. Short biography of featured employer

* 17. Brief description of organization

* 18. List any awards or recognition received in the last 5 years that are relevant

* 19. Do you have photo(s) of featured employer and/or workplace to include in the campaign?

* 20. Organization/personal social media handles to further amplify your message

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