Program Description

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The MCAT Study Academy is a student-driven study group designed to engage disadvantaged or underrepresented individuals with an educational opportunity to promote high quality scores on the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT). Our mission is to reach out to students who are interested in pursuing a career as a physician, but who also have untold stories of personal hardship. This program strives to utilize a team-based approach to MCAT preparation, leveraging the knowledge of current medical students, prospective medical students, and fellow undergraduate/graduate students to achieve academic success. The goals of this program are to increase confidence and aptitude of students preparing to take the MCAT, along with fostering the idea of teamwork in achieving the common goal of medical school matriculation.
By participating in the program, students will have access to a unique and innovative MCAT preparation. The MCAT Study Academy will provide the Myers Briggs Learning Assessment, which will determine the personality characteristics of students to facilitate teamwork of peers with complimentary personalities and learning styles. Participants will also have access to AAMC MCAT exams, MCAT passages, and free-standing questions for every subject. MCAT SA goes beyond MCAT preparation to provide mentorship from current medical students at University of Colorado School of Medicine to provide guidance through the application and interview process. The program provides opportunities for students to learn and seek mentorship with current students and faculty in order to find a path to realize their goals as future physicians. The goal of this program is to lessen the financial burden of MCAT preparation in order to provide equal opportunities for students of all backgrounds. Outstanding applicants who are admitted to the program will receive full funding for the program materials and AAMC practice exams.


• Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 (preferred 3.3)
• Complete application & essay
• Must be at least a sophomore in college (Completed 30 credit hours)
• Must have completed most pre-medical prerequisite classes (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, etc.)
• Must be available Saturdays from 8-5 from January 18th to May 3rd
o Must also be able to commit to 2-3 hours during the week for group study sessions.
• Must be planning on applying to Medical School within the next two application cycles
• Must be planning on taking the MCAT within a year following completion of the program

**SurveyMonkey will not save the progress of incomplete applications so we encourage you to save your responses in a word document as well**