All hosts must fill out the Host Evaluation Form for presenting CAP artists. Evaluations allow us to measure the outcome of MCAD's funding and highlight the artistic output in El Paso. 

Failure to provide the Community Host Evaluation will result in forfeiture of future MCAP workshops/performances or withholding of payment to artists. 

* 1. Please supply the following contact information for you and your organization. This information is solely for MCAD's records--artists will only see anonymous feedback.

* 2. What was the date and time of the workshop or performance?

Date / Time

* 3. Which teaching artist service did you host?

* 4. In what City Council District did the service take place?

* 5. How many people participated in the service (or the total number of audience members)?

* 6. What was the predominant age range of the audience? If this was an intergenerational audience, please select that option.

* 7. Did the teaching artist(s) encourage questions and participation from the audience?

* 8. Did the teaching artist(s) work to tailor the service to the needs and interests of the audience?

* 9. Did the audience learn more about and/or gained an appreciation for the art form presented?

* 10. Scheduling the service was convenient.

* 11. I would recommend this community arts service to a colleague.

* 12. If the service took place on a campus, please indicate the current state of the school's arts education instruction. Please check all that apply:

* 13. If you could improve upon the service, what would you change?

* 14. How would you rate the workshop/performances?