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This survey assumes that you use PowerPoint to give internal and/or external presentations on a regular basis.

1. Does your company or organization have a standard corporate PowerPoint presentation?

2. Do you carry a laptop or LCD projector with you when you travel to give a presentation, or rely on others to supply these if needed? Click all that apply.

3. What kind of standard presentations do you use? Click all that apply.

4. Do you regularly change the content or sequence of this presentation to make it more appropriate? Click all that apply.

5. Do you use the following features?
Do you regard your self as a PowerPoint Power User? Click all that apply.

6. Who provides the basic corporate presentation? Click all that apply.

7. Do you use linked audio (music or voice) or video content in your presentations? Click all that apply.

8. What would be the best additional feature or features you would like to see added to your presentations?

9. What size audiences do you present to? Click all that apply.