Muscat College is in the process of finalizing its strategic plan for the five year period 2015-20. We would like to request your responses for the following few questions. Your valuable feedback will form part of the strategic planning process. We thank you in advance for the time spent in giving your responses.

* 1. What is your connection to Muscat College? (tick any one box)

* 2. Muscat College offers good educational programmes to the community. (tick any one box) Do you:

* 3. What improvements will help Muscat College to be an industry leader? (can tick more than one box)

* 4. What specialisations/programmes should Muscat College offer to be a leading institution?

* 5. In the next 5 years, Muscat College’s vision is “A quality higher education institution of technology” in line with Oman’s 2020 plan. What are your views on the Muscat College’s vision?