* 1. This year’s event is being planned in the Burlington area and we anticipate up to 200 attendees. Where (what facility) in the general Burlington area should we hold this event?

* 2. Should we have a keynote speaker?

* 3. If so, who would you recommend?

* 4. If you are an engineer or planner, would you be interested in a professional/ technical track?

* 5. Who (what groups) should be invited to this event?

* 6. Should the summit include “hands on” workshops or expo like events?

* 7. If yes to question #6, list your ideas:

* 8. What topics would most interest you? Please rank your priorities.

* 9. Would you be interested in participating in either a bike ride or walk as part of this event? Tentative dates are the last weekend in March or first weekend in April.

* 10. If biking, would you be able to bring your own bike?

* 11. Any other comments or ideas for the summit?

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