Accessible Education Survey for Those Working in the Early Childhood Education, Nursery/Kindergarten to Grade 12 and Post-Secondary Education Systems

This is a survey for the school system staff who work with children, youth and adults with disabilities who attend or are involved in educational settings in Manitoba, spanning from Early Childhood Education, through Nursery/Kindergarten to Grade 12 and into Post-Secondary Education.

The survey will ask you a series of questions related to you and your students' experiences.

The survey takes as little as 5 minutes to complete although we encourage you to provide as much information as you are able.

The survey was developed and is being conducted by Barrier-Free Manitoba and Education Solutions Manitoba to learn more about the barriers people with disabilities face in Manitoba when it comes to their experiences within the education system. It was created in response to the recent call for the development and enforcement of an Accessible Education Standard under landmark Accessibility for Manitoban's Act.

There are separate surveys for other educational stakeholders:

The survey for students with a disability from Grade 7 up to post-secondary is posted here.

The survey for parents* of students with disabilities can be found here.

We ask that you encourage all the persons you know affected by disabilities in our educational systems to complete one of these surveys.

* Including biological, adopted, foster, legal guardians, primary caregivers of children/youth and adults with disabilities

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We would like to acknowledge the financial support for the survey from Community Living Manitoba. This funding was made possible through Social Development Projects for People with Disabilities, a program operated by Employment and Social Development Canada.