Development (Cost) Charges are fees that are collected by a municipality to offset the costs of infrastructure needed to serve an expansion, new development, redevelopment or an intensification of use of a property. The developer or builder typically pay the fee during the development process. 
The fees are pooled in special reserve accounts and then used to fund the construction of off-site public services (such as: roads, sewers, drainage, watermains, and traffic signals) made necessary by the development.

* 1. Do you think the City of Brandon should adopt development cost charges to pay for new infrastructure for new development?

* 2. Please explain why you answered either "Yes" or "No" to the previous question.

* 3. What in your opinion, are other or better ways to pay for new roads, water, sewer and drainage systems, in addition or instead of development cost charges?

* 4. Do you have any additional comments in regard to development cost charges?