Introduction to you

We would like to get a sense of who you are, the learner driver/s you are helping and your current driving behaviour and self awareness. 

* 1. We'd like to get you thinking about your driving particularly when you have learners/children in the car...

  Never Rarely Sometimes Often Always
Do you touch your mobile phone whilst driving e.g. texting, music, Google Maps?
Do you speed? NOTE: this includes speeding in dangerous conditions i.e. when your speed maybe under the legal limit yet is too fast for the conditions
Do you drive after drinking alcohol &/or taking drugs?
Do you drive when you feel tired? 
Do you obey road rules?
Do you ever get 'road rage'?
Do you 'multi-task' when driving e.g. eat kebabs, drink coffee, take notes, read newspapers, do makeup?
Do you 'show-off' e.g. speed, skids, doughnuts, burnouts?

* 2. And we'd like to know how confident you feel when...

  Not al all Somewhat Reasonably Very Completely
crossing a mult-lane highway from a side road
towing and reversing a trailer
four wheel driving in muddy/sandy/snowy/rough conditions
driving in pouring rain with water on road
driving an unfamiliar vehicle
driving a manual vehicle
driving in busy capital city traffic
driving on busy truck laden multi lane highways

* 3. And how aware you are of...

  Not at all Somewhat Reasonably Very Completely
road rules?
the safe distance to drive behind the car ahead?
standard drinks & BAC?
ways to manage fatigue when driving?
restrictions on P plate drivers?
resources available for L and P plate drivers?
ways to achieve lasting behaviour change?
positive person-to-person communication?

* 4. Based on all the previous questions, rate how safe a driver you feel you are.

Low Average
i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.