* 1. Why do you come to Scadbury?

* 2. How often do you visit Scadbury?

* 3. If you visit regularly, on average how long do you spend in Scadbury Park?

* 4. How would you describe Scadbury to someone who doesn't know it

* 5. What do you think about the state of Scadbury Park?

  Don't know Poor Adequate Excellent
Gates and Fences
Plants and vegetation
Signage and data boards
Play areas
Places to sit

* 6. What additional facilities would you like to see at Scadbury?

* 7. Scadbury is maintained largely by volunteers. How would you be interested in helping?

* 8. What is your age?

* 9. Give your name and contact details, and get a free map of Chislehurst from the Chislehurst Society