Wednesday, November 20,  6-8 pm in Ridgefield CT

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On Wednesday evening, November 20, we'll have some fun making delicious a plant-based pie, perfect for your Thanksgiving table!  Creamy and comforting, just like the pot pies from your childhood with the flavor and mouthfeel you remember.  But this pie will be health-promoting and kind to the waistline, ditching poultry's and dairy's high cholesterol and saturated fat, and the white flour that can spike blood glucose levels.  So this is a festive and celebratory dish that you can enjoy eating without guilt!  It's beautiful, tasty and you can present it proudly on your Thanksgiving table.

And with some extra pie dough, we'll fashion some tasty crackers for you to enjoy, served with some tasty bean purées -- a great appetizer for any occasion.  You'll get to taste it all and go home with new recipes.

To register and save your seat, please answer the questions below.  Register EARLY to save your spot (I only have room for 12).  If you'd like to bring more than one buddy, please shoot me an email in advance.

We'll have a lot to cover, so please be prompt. We'll start on time.

All cooking events require shopping and much prepping. Therefore I ask that if you must cancel, you give me 2 days notice (48 hours), so that I can fill your seat. Thanks for understanding.

Please invite  family or friends who want to lose weight, lower their risk factors for most chronic diseases, or enjoy learning some new and healthy plant-based cooking techniques to include in their weekly meal-planning.

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Location: My Kitchen at 86 Regan Rd., Ridgefield, CT 06877
Time: 6:00 - 8:00 pm

Cost: $25 per person, cash or check, payable on arrival.
            Thank you!

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