Housing designed for Active Older Adults

Many communities now offer housing designed to cater to active and healthy older adults, who want to live on their own, but no longer wish to maintain a house and yard. The housing is usually new construction with modern finishes and amenities, typically in the form of condos, townhouses, or apartments. Often, these housing developments provide access to common amenities and services such as community rooms/clubhouses, fitness centers/gyms, gardens, yard maintenance, housekeeping services, on-site security, transportation, laundry service, and social activities. Housing for active adults may or may not be restricted to individuals who are 50 and older.


* 1. What is your current age? Select one option below.

* 2. Why did you choose to live in Mazomanie?

* 3. What do you think are the top 3 qualities that make Mazomanie a great place to live? Rate your top three choices from the selection below.

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Outdoor/Nature Activities
Low Taxes
Low Crime

* 4. If you could add one thing to make it better to live in Mazomanie, what would it be?

* 5. If you could eliminate one thing to make it better to live in Mazomanie, what would that be?

* 6. Do you rent or own your home? Select one option below.

* 7. Do you see yourself moving from Mazomanie in the future? Select one option below.

* 8. If you see yourself moving from Mazomanie, why? Check all that apply.

* 9. What do you plan to do when you no longer want the responsibility of maintaining your current residence? Select one option below.

* 10. If you said you would move to a different residence, would you prefer to rent or own? Select one option below.

* 11. If there was housing designed to cater to active older adults in Mazomanie, would that interest you? Select one option below.

* 12. If you answered "no," you may stop taking the survey if you wish. If you answered "yes," please continue to the next page.