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This needs assessment will take about 15 minutes to complete and is being administered by Advocacy Unlimited, Inc. (AU) through the Maastricht Approach Project (M.A.P.)
This assessment is for Connecticut-based providers of mental health and addiction services.  "Providers" is a broad term, and if you believe and feel you are a provider, please complete this survey.
Participation in this assessment is voluntary.  Responses will remain anonymous. Please take time to answer honestly.  You will not be penalized in any way for your answers. Results will be used to determine the need for provider education and training in the area of working with people who hear voices or experience paranoia. Results will also be used to communicate the potential need for funding and for training purposes.
If you have questions, please email Maggie Taylor at
At the conclusion of this survey there is an option to go to a separate page where you can add contact information and stay connected.
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