Thank you for your interest in using the MAP Growth assessments at your school! Before you fill out the application, we hope these frequently asked questions will help guide your decision. 


What does the assessment cover? 
There are four subject area tests available: Reading, Math, Language Usage, and Science (optional). 

Who should take the assessments? 
MAP Growth K-2 is designed for kindergarten through 2nd grade non-readers. It is an audio-based test. MAP Growth is designed for 2nd grade (readers) through 12th grade. 

How is the test given? 
The test is a computer-adaptive multiple-choice and technology-enhanced item test. Every student takes the tests on a computer, and the number of questions and difficulty level of the questions changes based on whether the student answers the questions correctly or incorrectly.

How much time will it take? 
You will need to schedule three testing windows: one in the fall (close to when school starts), one mid-year (around January), and one in the spring. Each subject-area test should take no more than 60 minutes, and most students can complete each subject-area test in 45 minutes (e.g., 45 minutes for Math, 45 minutes for Reading, and 45 minutes for Language Usage). 

Do I have to give it three times? 
Yes. Our partnership with NWEA requires three assessments periods during the year.  MAP Growth is designed to measure growth. Giving each subject-area test three times throughout the year gives your teachers crucial data to see how their students are progressing and what they are ready to learn now. 

Do I still have to give my regular standardized assessment (Stanford, ITBS, TerraNova, etc.) to meet the Step Up testing requirement? 
No, this test is approved by the Florida DOE to act as your required standardized assessment. 

Do all of my students have to take it? 
We think you will want to have this amazing transformative data on all of your students. However, some schools have chosen to try out the MAP Growth assessment with a smaller group first (such as middle school students) before transitioning to the entire student body. 

How much does it cost? 
The cost is $12.50 per student to take the Reading, Language Usage and Math tests. Each student taking the Science test would be an additional cost of $2.50, but for this year, Step Up For Students will cover the cost of your Science assessments! 

What else do I get?
Free professional learning sessions for all teachers and administrators on interpreting the MAP Growth data and reports from Step Up For Students Office of Student Learning. This is necessary for you to understand how to read and interpret the data reports you will receive after testing.

I want it! What now? 
Complete this application by February 28th, 2019 and we will contact you by mid-March 2019 to let you know if you have been selected. Participation is limited.

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