Medical assistance in dying (MAID) was made legal in Canada on June 6, 2016. Even if Albertans do not plan to ask for MAID or think they will ever be involved in MAID, it is important to have some knowledge of MAID.

We are asking adult Albertans to complete an anonymous online (Internet) survey on MAID.

This study is being done to see if Alberta doctors, nurses, and members of the general public have educational needs about MAID. This study has research ethics approval from the University of Alberta. We do not want to know your name or get any other information that would identify you.

There are 10 research questions and 13 questions about the background of participants. Please use your current knowledge of MAID to answer the questions. This survey should only take 5-15 minutes to complete.

You do not have to be involved in this research study. If you answer the questions and send them to us, we will use your information in our research study. Once you have sent us your answers, they cannot be erased as we have no way of knowing who took part in this research study.

Would you like to read the Information Letter and Consent Form before starting this survey?