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When an EC-funded R&D project comes to an end, often the visibility of its findings diminishes meaningfully, resulting in in efficiency and redundancy. Also, the lack of synergies between different projects leads to lost opportunities to reduce global climate vulnerability.

The European Commission seeks to address this situation through the MAIA project, which will provide and implement a set of effective measures that facilitate wider dissemination, communication, and interconnection of completed and ongoing EU climate change research projects.

The MAIA project aims to connect communities, platforms, knowledge, and research on climate change.

To reach our objectives we are hosting webinars as well as trying to arrange for Special Edition publications relevant to Climate Research.

By completing this survey we will get a better understanding who you are and if you are interested to participated in our dissemination activites, which will bring to spotlight your climate change adaptation/mitigation solutions. 

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* 2. Which climate change adaptation/mitigation projects are you currently involved in?

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* 3. Which climate change adaptation/mitigation projects were you involved in the recent past (projects that ended not later than 2020)?

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* 4. Please list a few recent relevant publications that you co-authored (any kind of dissemination or communication materials, we are just trying to figure out your field of interest)

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