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When an EC-funded R&D project comes to an end, often the visibility of its outcomes diminishes meaningfully, resulting in inefficiency and redundancy. Also, the lack of synergies between different projects leads to lost opportunities to reduce global climate vulnerability.
The European Commission seeks to address this situation through the MAIA project, which will provide and implement a set of effective measures that facilitate wider dissemination, communication, and interconnection of completed and ongoing EU climate change research projects.
The MAIA project aims to connect communities, platforms, knowledge, and research on climate change.

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* 1. The data you provide in this form will contribute to making climate-related knowledge more interoperable, accessible, and usable, by understanding the content of your project with a special focus on impact, results, and outcomes.  Data will not be sold to third parties.

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* 2. What is your professional role in the organization you are in?

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