Designed and Conducted by the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children as part of its Kid's Net Program. Kid’s Net provides a range of services to connect foster and kinship families to the information, resources, respite and support networks they need to address the unique challenges that come with raising foster children. Funding for this survey is provided by the Massachusetts Department of Children & Families, however individual responses will not be shared. The Department and potentially other policymakers will receive an analysis of responses.
The Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (MSPCC) is a private, nonprofit society focused on improving the foster care system for children and families in the Commonwealth.  

SURVEY INSTRUCTIONS: In order to assist us in advocating for the needs of children in the care and custody of the Commonwealth and the foster families and guardians who voluntarily provide support to them, we are asking for your input.

We do not ask you to give us your name on this survey so your responses are totally confidential. We will be collecting an email address in the survey in order to enter participants into a drawing for gift cards. If you do not wish to supply an email address to be entered into the prize drawing, you can still participate in the survey. Answers will in no way be tied to the email addresses.

Please read each question or statement carefully then select the answer that best applies to you. Depending on the question, you will be asked to check one or more choices, and select an answer from the drop down menu. Occasionally, we will ask you to write-in your answer or comments.

If there is a question that you do not wish to answer, you may skip over it--  your participation is completely voluntary. Please answer all the questions as candidly and completely as you can. Please fill out this survey ONLY ONCE. You should not complete this survey if you already have done so at home or at another foster parent event. 
This survey should take about 30 minutes. You can save your answers and return another time to complete the survey.

Below is a list of terms which are used in the survey and their intended meaning. If you have questions about these or any other terms used or about the survey in general, you can contact us at


51A- This is a term used for a report of suspected child abuse or neglect which is filed with the Department of Children and Families.

Life long connection- Maintaining a continuing role in the life of a former foster child or ward such as that of a mentor or surrogate parent. You may spend time with them on or around the holidays, birthdays and other important occasions, maintain regular communication, act as a source of encouragement and comfort or in other ways act as an ongoing resource for them.

Respite- Family respite provides overnight care during which you continue to receive your regular reimbursement. Foster parents are entitled to ten days per year of this service.

PACT- (Parents and Children together) The P.A.C.T. programs compensates foster/pre-adoptive families who provide planned, specialized services designed to address identified needs related to achievement of the child's Action Plan goal at the standard hourly rate for a specified number of hours per week.

Family Resource Liaison- FRLs are experienced foster/adoptive parents in each Area Office who offer information, support, and mentoring to other parents.

Ward- This is the technical term for a minor who is under the supervision of a guardian appointed by the court--may also be called a ward of the court.

Transgender- A broad range of people who experience and/or express their gender differently from what most people expect-- either in terms of expressing a gender that does not match the sex listed on their original birth certificate, or physically changing their sex. Not all people who consider themselves transgender will undergo a gender transition.