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This year marks the launch of an initiative by the Madison Region Economic Partnership (MadREP) to measure, recognize, improve, and promote the Madison region's workplace diversity and inclusion practices. The inclusion of a diverse workforce is vital to the sustained economic growth of the Madison region.  Assessing the progress of diversity and inclusion efforts by Madison region employers is a critical first step in improving our practices over time.

MadREP's initiative features the following survey, which will be used to capture quantitative and qualitative data about workforce demographics, supplier diversity programs, and community engagement. Individual workplace responses will remain anonymous and will become part of an aggregated data set for the region.

Each year MadREP will aggregate the anonymous survey results and publish an annual report which will:

     a. Give companies a vehicle to self‐assess their strengths and opportunities 
     b. Establish a snapshot of the region's workforce demographics 
     c. Track initiatives and best practices for the advancement of economic inclusion

This initiative will allow the Madison region to establish benchmarks and to begin taking the steps necessary to becoming a model for economic inclusion by promoting the advancement of a diverse and inclusive workforce. Furthermore, companies seeking to improve their diversity and inclusion practices will be directed to available resources by MadREP.


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* 1. When possible, we encourage you to report results based on your locations within the Madison Region.  From the choices below, please select the option which best represents the area which your survey answers will be based on.

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* 2. Within the Madison region, in what counties does your organization have locations?

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* 4. Does your organization have a written diversity statement (separate and distinct from an EEO statement used for hiring purposes)?