Long-term studies of recreational boating fatalities show that at least 36% of victims had alcohol in their systems.

MADD Canada, with funding from the Transport Canada Boating Safety Contribution Program, has developed this brief, confidential questionnaire for boaters to help us better understand behaviours and attitudes toward impaired boating. Your answers will be kept strictly CONFIDENTIAL.

At the end of the boating season MADD Canada will compile the information obtained from all respondents. This information will help us identify areas of most concern and assist our efforts to provide better public awareness and educational materials about the dangers of impaired boating.

All those who take this survey are eligible to be included in a prize draw at the end of the boating season.

Ce sondage est également disponible en français à https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SondagesurlasecuritenautiqueMADDCanada