* 1. How well do you feel Lamar Elementary is preparing your child for the next academic year?

* 2. In your opinion, what is the best thing about Lamar Elementary? Why?

* 3. If you could choose a community activity that we could do as a school, what would it be? Explain

* 4. What is one thing you would have changed at Lamar this year? Why?

* 5. In your opinion, what should be our primary focus at Lamar? Why is this important?

* 6. Are you pleased/happy with Lamar at this time? Why or why not?

* 7. To what extent do you think that children enjoy going to Lamar? Why?

* 8. How motivating are the classroom lessons at Lamar? Explain

* 9. As the principal of Lamar, what can I do differently to help create a successful school environment?

* 10. Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns?

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