Kidsburg Playground Survey

By completing this survey you can help us design, fund, and engage volunteers to help us rebuild our beloved playground destroyed by the devastating flood of 2011: Kidsburg in the Bloomsburg Town Park, Columbia-Montour region of northeast Pennsylvania.

* 1. If you visited Kidsburg in the last 20 years (since 1993):
during the years you visited most frequently, how often did you typically go?

* 2. When Kidsburg is rebuilt, how often do you estimate you will visit it?

* 3. What is your zip code?

* 4. What role did Kidsburg play in your personal or professional life (please specify)?

* 5. Would your family or organization benefit from a more accessible Kidsburg (providing multiple levels of challenge for all abilities, including special needs).

* 6. How important is an accessible playground for your community (designed for children and families of all abilities to play together)?

* 7. Did you know that volunteers will build Kidsburg from start to finish in a one week period?

* 8. Do you want to receive updates about Kidsburg news or events? If so, please provide your contact information below.

* 9. Do you want to volunteer? If so, please provide your contact information below.

* 10. If yes to questions 8 or 9, please provide: