* 1. How often do you visit lansdale.org?

* 2. Why did you visit lansdale.org the last time?

* 5. What features of our site could you NOT live without?

* 6. How would you rate the overall quality of lansdale.org?

* 7.  Which best describes you?

* 8. How would you rate the Borough's website based on the following?

  Excellent Very good Good Fair Poor Very poor
Design--how it looks
How easy it is to use
Quality of site content
Depth of site content

* 9. If asked, would you recommend lansdale.org to others?

* 10. How does lansdale.org compare to other municipal sites you have used?

* 11. What, if anything, would you like to see changed or added to the Borough's website?  Please type in your answer in the relevant box below.

* 12. Is there anything else you care to share about lansdale.org?

* 13. What is your age?

* 14. What is your gender?

Lansdale is considering creating a Moblie Application.  The following questions are designed to gather information from potential users on what they would like to see featured in that app. 

* 15. Would you use a Lansdale Mobile App?

* 16. What device are you more likely to use an app on? 

* 17. Please list up to three apps that you use frequently.

* 18. What features do you feel should be present in a Borough mobile application?