* 1. From the list below, please choose the TOP FIVE FACTORS you consider when choosing where to shop for groceries.

* 2. Where do you spend MOST of your grocery dollars?

* 3. What is your Zip Code?

* 4. Do you do the majority of your grocery shopping outside of Vallejo/Benicia?

* 5. How much do you or your household spend weekly on groceries?

* 6. How frequently do you go grocery shopping?

* 7. How long are you willing to travel to regularly purchase food from a grocery co-op?

* 8. How do you feel a grocery co-op could contribute to a better quality of life in Vallejo/Benicia? CHOOSE AS MANY AS APPLY.

* 9. What is your interest level in a grocery co-op?

* 10. Would you be interested in becoming a member/owner in a local food co-op?

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