1. Introduction

9% of survey complete.

The Georgia Healthy Collections Initiative Survey is an important opportunity for cultural institutions in Georgia to identify their collections care needs and to help decision-makers and funders shape future statewide activities to meet these needs.


o We hope to apply for implementation grants in future to assist Georgia cultural institutions in meeting their preservation needs. The best way to guarantee that your needs are represented is to complete the questionnaire.

o You will see your preservation needs in the context of those of your peers in a form that you can use as a tool for raising institutional awareness and promoting long-range planning for the care of collections.

o Your participation will show your support for IMLS and other federal agencies that are working on your behalf to meet preservation needs nationwide.


o Any institution holding permanent cultural collections that are not replaceable should participate. Complete the questionnaire for collections that are a permanent part of your holdings or for which you have accepted preservation responsibility.

o Do not include living collections in your responses, even if they are a part of your institution’s preservation responsibilities.

o If you do not have a parent institution, include information on all collections at your institution.

o You may have a parent institution, sometimes with intermediate collecting entities in-between. Before filling out the survey, DECIDE WHAT CONSTITUTES THE "INSTITUTION" (e.g., the collecting entity) FOR THE PURPOSES OF THIS SURVEY. Make whatever decision seems appropriate, and then fill out the survey consistently, FOR THAT INSTITUTION ONLY. In general, distinct collecting entities should be considered separate institutions in this survey, particularly if they are housed in separate buildings.

o EXAMPLE 1: The “institution” might be the Walter J. Brown Media Archives, which is part of the Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection, which is in turn part of the University of Georgia Libraries, whose parent institution is the University of Georgia. Alternatively, the Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection could be reported as a single “institution” for the purposes of the survey if they were housed in the same building or if they had many common issues.

o EXAMPLE 2: The Georgia Division of Archives and History is the parent institution to both the Georgia Archives and the Georgia Capitol Museum; these two collecting entities would each fill out a separate survey.


o You must complete the survey in one session; you cannot save your answers and return later. If you exit the survey before finishing, your survey will be incomplete. Please print the survey in PDF format and do any necessary research BEFORE you begin.

o To complete the survey, click on the appropriate box or type the requested information in the space provided.

o We estimate that it should take you about 30 minutes to complete the survey.

o For questions that ask for a number or dollar amount, please provide your best estimate. Remember, these figures will constitute a state profile, so even a rough estimate is useful.

o Do not leave questions blank. Some questions are required, and you will be prompted to respond if you do not answer them. If there are questions that you cannot answer, select “Don’t Know” if this option is avaiable. If there are questions that are not applicable to your institution, select “Not Applicable” if that choice is available.


We will keep your individual responses completely confidential. Only the aggregate data will be reported; your individual responses will never be published or identified.