1. The IT Survey (2011)

Thanks for taking our IT survey! Your responses will not be shared with any identifying information, and we'll use them for non-nefarious things like improving our coverage.

* 1. How often do you visit Ars Technica, generally?

* 2. How long have you been reading Ars Technica?

* 3. Do you work in IT or in a computing specialty?

* 4. Here are some top-level IT topics. How interested are you in seeing them covered on Ars (some already are, others, not so much)?

  Not interested. Some interest. Rather interested. Must have coverage.
Cloud Computing
Server hardware / CPUs
Unified Communications
Server OSes
Databases generally
Open Source in the Enterprise
Big Data
Data Center
Systems Integration

* 5. How much do you agree or disagree with the following statements about IT coverage in the press at large?

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Undecided Agree Strongly Agree
The best IT coverage is top-level, abstract coverage of technology. Explainers, and high-level overviews.
The best IT coverage is ground-level studies and reports about IT in practice.
IT coverage should include corporate moves at the big Tech Cos ("New CEO for HP," "Sales decline at Cisco," etc.)
I have interest in hearing about how Ars readers conquered IT problems.
I'd be interested in free Ars-led webinars on tech topics for IT pros.

* 6. On the huge topic of Cloud Computing, which sub-topics interest you so much that you'd like to see recurring coverage?

* 7. And on virtualization?

* 8. And might we ask the same about Security?

* 9. Here's a selection of IT companies. Which companies here do you think warrant more IT coverage on Ars Technica?

* 10. Rate the following sites on their IT coverage (and just their IT coverage, please). If you don't know a site, don't rate it. This question is not required, but we'd love to know more about how you feel about other sites.

  Junk Below average Just average Rather good Awesome
The Register

* 11. Any final comments to share?