1. Thank you for answering Roll-call!

Operation "Boots on the Ground" lands Vietnam vets inside Lambeau Field Saturday May 22 along with family members of our 5 Door County vets Killed in Action (KIA)while serving in South Vietnam. "Rubber-hits-the-Road" deploys Door County' bikers in support of the Memorial ride of 1244 bikers coming from La Crosse (The number of Wisconsin Vietnam vets Killed in Action (KIA), Missing in Action (MIA) or were Prisoners of War (POWs).

Our Door County' ride is a "one-way" ride symbolic of our 5 KIA's who did not make it home! We have five "Staging Areas" (Washington Island High School, Viking Grill in Ellison Bay, the Pioneer Credit Union parking lots at 1449 Green Bay Road Sturgeon Bay and 828 Morris Ave, Green Bay, and the Super 8 motel at 1625 Rose Street in La Crosse.

At 0600 Hours, 5 Bikers will deploy with the 1244 in La Crosse and 5 will deploy from the gravesides of our 5 KIAs in Door County. Our Door County ride will pass grave sites and High Schools from where our KIAs graduated.

Once we cross the southern Door County line, some bikers will head to Timber Rattler Stadium in Appleton to join the 1244 coming from La Crosse. Others will head for LZ Lambeau to form a "flag Line" through which the 1244 will pass. The remaining riders and chase vehicles will head for the Pioneer Credit Union Parking lot at 825 Morris Ave, Green Bay (Two clicks due south of Lambeau Field).

FYI: Rolling Thunder is coordinating the core ride of 1244 bikes that will leave La Crosse in 11 waves starting at 6:30 a.m. Friday morning, May 21. Go to: www.rollingthunderwi3.org * TO REGISTER FOR THAT CORE RIDE, and plan to stay overnight in La Crosse Thursday night. All riders are required to attend a safety briefing Thursday night. Once at Timber Rattler Stadium the State Police will allow the ride to include up to 1900 bikes that will travel 45 MPH to LZ Lambeau. Flags larger than the standard bike flag will not be allowed for safety reasons; at least between La Crosse and Appleton.

Whether you take an active role in either operation, answering this Roll-call will show your support for our KIA families and our vets who served honorably in South Vietnam. SO PLEASE! If you've come this far, please continue to log-in.

Thank you for logging in! We expect literally thousands of bikes in and around Lambeau Field. Your answering this Roll-call will help us plan a safer and more meaningful ride.

BEFORE JOINING THE RIDE: Please read the briefing from our Safety Officer posted at www.DoorCountyVeterans.com.

Rich Woldt Past Commander VFW Post 8337