Vision and values survey

In late spring 2021, Metro and Portland Housing Bureau will select a developer to build affordable housing at NE 74th and Glisan in Portland. This housing will be 120-150 apartments for people with incomes of 30-60% area median income, with a mix of units for one or two adults and units for larger households. On-site parking will be included.

This survey is part of very early engagement focused on supporting future tenant wellbeing and neighborhood benefit. A stakeholder group worked together to draft ideas in four areas:
  1. outdoor spaces
  2. ground floor uses
  3. services and programming
  4. future engagement to be done by the developer
Metro is very interested in hearing from people with similar experiences to those who will live in this new building, including people who have been houseless or lived in low-income housing and Black, Indigenous and other people of color. Metro would also like to hear from neighbors who live, work or own a business in the area so this new housing can be an asset to the neighborhood.

It is too early in the process to know what this building will look like, or specific amenities it will feature. Future engagement will be conducted by the developer and will include information on design specifics. 

This survey asks for your feedback on the vision and values the stakeholder group identified. Input shared will be summarized and published on the Metro affordable housing website a few weeks after the survey closes. Staff will work with the stakeholder group to create a clear vision statement based on what is heard through this survey. All developers who are interested in building this project will be evaluated, in part, on their responses to these values. On our website, you can also learn about the site and our temporary lease with AYCO.

This survey will be open through March 1, 2021. It will take 8-10 minutes to complete. Thank you for taking the time to give us feedback.
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